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Who We Are
The Student Task Force (STF), launched in 1999, is a youth leadership-training program that brings together high school students and educators from the Los Angeles area and empowers them to advocate for human rights issues, especially the rights of children.

What We Do
We work with teachers and students in Los Angeles area high schools to promote human rights education, develop leadership skills and contribute to campaigns to end human rights abuses of children locally and globally. Through education and participation, students and teachers develop the skills and knowledge to become active global citizens who pursue human rights in their academic and professional lives.

Since 1999, the Student Task Force has inspired thousands of students to develop an understanding of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and participate in the human rights movement. STF annually trains over 200 educators and student leaders in human rights activism and education, who in turn reach out to over 20,000 students and teachers in their combined school communities.

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10th Anniversary Video
by Brooke Greenberg

Past campaigns include the National Campaign for U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child; Protecting the People of Darfur; Child Labor and the Rights of Child Farm Workers; Fair Sentencing for Youth; and the International Campaign to Ban the Use Child Soldiers.

Some Facts

  • 215 million children are involved in child labor, sexual exploitation and trafficking (ILO);

  • 72 million primary school-age children are not attending school worldwide, with 39 million living in countries afflicted by armed conflict (HRW);

  • 10 million children under age 5 die each year from malnutrition and preventable diseases (MDG 2011).

Alicia Ramirez
Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles

How To Get Involved
To learn more about the Student Task Force and how to get involved, email us.